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Junk Removal In Toronto? 1-888-I Am Junk is here for you!
Providing some of the best services around, junk removal in Toronto has never been so easy. 1-888-I Am Junk has come to be known as one of the most trusted waste removal companies in the city. We are happy to provide cost effective services, charging a substantially smaller amount than most of the competition. Moreover, we will remove almost anything, whether its old furniture, broken down appliances, useless office equipment, electronics, yard waste, construction waste, trash, garbage and debris, we are absolutely prepared to handle it all in the fastest time possible. That’s right, we are adequately prepared to offer same day, 24 hours and 7 days a week service to assist you with your junk removal needs anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

So what truly sets us apart from other junk removal companies in Toronto? Above all, we at 1-888-I Am Junk pride ourselves on our friendly customer service and helpful workers. Given the fiercely competitive nature of the junk removal industry in the city, it is easy for many businesses to get caught up in the hype and forget about some of the most crucial facets for our line of work, the most important being the positive relationship we seek to build with our customer base. In spite of the intensity that exists, our clients have always been more than pleased with the affable, professional and helpful spirit of our working team. This is certainly one quality you can expect from us that won’t always be as important to others in this line of work.

If one researches the best qualities a junk removal company should possess, it becomes fairly evident that a crucial and desired aspect for this line of work is timeliness overlapped with caution and cleanliness. This goes beyond just the availability of services into the time it takes workers to take care of the removal duties and this certainly includes the cleanup of the space where the junk was left. In this, our set of professionals are more than right for the job. Through removing waste in and around homes in a prompt manner and making sure everything is tidy before leaving, 1-888-I AM JUNK will perform these tasks that in all honesty should be expected of us.

Of equal importance to our fast and great customer service is the eco-friendly work we aim to deliver in full. There are far too many removal businesses out there that are not ready or willing to deal with the extra labor involved in recycling and composting those resources that ought to be. Not only do we provide economical junk removal solutions, we also do everything we can to minimize the amount of waste the ends up in landfills. We ensure that anything you give us that can or should be recycled will be recycled. Even biodegradable waste like plants, food and any other compostable material will be converted into useful products. Being a green company is very important to us and if this is something you care about or value, then we are without a doubt the right junk removal company in and around the city for you.

All that said, what are you waiting for? Call 1-888-I AM JUNK for one of the most trusted, cost-effective, full-service junk removal Toronto based companies. To summarize, we offer among the lowest prices for commercial and residential, rubbish removal and junk removal all over the GTA. We lift, load and dispose of your furniture, appliances, office equipment, electronics, yard waste, construction waste, trash, garbage and debris at practically any time and day. With our help, you will not be disappointed.


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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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