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Who Are We?
In a world of constantly changing legislation and standards, BCAS plays a crucial role in driving progress in the compressed air industry.

Founded in 1930, the British Compressed Air Society is the only UK technical trade association open to manufacturers, distributors and end users of compressors, vacuum pumps, pneumatic tools and allied products.

Our role is to provide unbiased advice on legislation, technical standards, education, compliance, safety and environmental matters that affect suppliers and users of compressed air and vacuum systems.

BCAS Structure

There are tiers of activity within BCAS:

BCAS Board
Permanent Committees
The board is made up of the President, Vice President, Last Past President and Executive Director plus elected and co-opted seats. Each group member has a permanent place on the board. There are 5 board seats elected by the membership and the remainder are co-opted for skills required within BCAS. Elected & Co-opted board members stand down at the first change of president but may be re-elected/re-co-opted to serve on the board.

BCAS also has sector committees, special committees and working groups, which are set up from time to time to address specific issues. The chair of the committee is selected by ballot of the sector committee.

The current committees are:

Compressor Committee
Low Pressure & Vacuum Committee
Air Treatment & Applications Committee
Distribution Committee
Training & Development Committee
Statistics Committee
In addition, BCAS plays a crucial role in upholding standards and advising its members about changing legislation and standards to ensure compliance and safety within the industry. It is also an active member of Euris to lobby on UK matters , Pneurop to lobby on European legislation, BSI and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Crucially, BCAS is an independent source of advice and technical help to ensure that compressor equipment, its installation and maintenance is energy efficient, compliant and safe.

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