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I Love Tenerife - Facebook Group

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I Love Tenerife - Facebook Group

Group Guidelines - please read.

The Group is primarily for non-residents.

It is managed and overseen by:
Andy Ward, who owns and runs

(If you want to buy or have something to sell - get in touch, we sell a lot of property!)

Sharon Thomason, a property owner in both Tenerife and the UK, who visits frequently and enjoys plenty of wine in both locations!
The best of both worlds...!

Matthew Nelson offers Apartment Rentals, Money Exchange and Excursions to all group members at favourable rates - he is also well known by us and deemed to be trustworthy so if you want a no risk approach to renting here or booking an excursion - contact him and he´ll do everything he can for you.
Gordon Steen on the group works with me on Property Sales. He knows the market very well and is also available to offer any advice with regards to buying or selling property here in Tenerife

A positive, happy group where members can discuss all things Tenerife related.

Rules to keep this a great group:
No bad language - repeat offenders will be removed from the group.

Advertising, unless specifically authorised by an admin is prohibited and users posting ads, affiliate links or other links or posts that are deemed to be for personal gain will be removed from the group. There are plenty of other Tenerife related groups to advertise on so please refrain from doing so on here, without first seeking permission.

If you are a business owner and think you can add value to the group then feel free to join but if all you are doing is promoting yourself or asking others to, you will be removed without warning. If you want to discuss offering a service on the group, feel free to message us.

If you are a property owner here, feel free to respond when people ask about apartment rentals etc but please do not advertise your property for rent in any way - if every member who owns in Tenerife started advertising their property as a holiday rental then the group would be full of nothing else!

If your first post after joining the group is something along the lines of "Hope its ok, please remove if not... I have a one bed apartment for holiday rentals in Los Cristianos..." you´ll be banned without warning.

Respect other peoples opinions and be nice to one another - try not to take personally opinions from others which may be very different to your own - it is rarely personal, so please don't react as such.

Members who we find are just overall being nasty, bitter or negative will simply be removed from the group - the same goes for troublemakers and bullies - if you are that kind of person, its the wrong group for you!

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