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The British Lime Association (BLA) represents the interests of four Member companies responsible for producing more than 75% of the industrial lime sold in the UK (circa 1.2 million tonnes) for use in a wide variety of diverse downstream applications. The BLA is one of the constituent bodies of the Mineral Products Association.

One of our key aims is to help broaden the public's knowledge of the benefits of high calcium lime and dolomitic lime, as well as representing the interests of the industry in technical, promotional, environmental and general matters.

Lime was burnt as early as the 4th Century BC when it was first used as a building material. Today, the universal term "lime" includes quicklime, hydrated lime, milk of lime and dolomitic lime.

Lime is one of those usually unseen products that has a profound effect on our daily lives. It is used in many important industrial processes such as steel manufacture, the building/construction industry, in food production processes, agriculture and many environmental applications.... to name just a few.

BLA members manufacture many different variations of the "lime" product based around simple chemical reactions. It is this flexibility that allows the material to be used successfully in such a vast number of very different applications.

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