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As almost every business works in the digital era, losing your valuable data can be devastating and for some companies, terminal. Without the correct backup routines, management, and infrastructure in place, you risk losing everything, from vital financial documents to almost everything you have. Should you discover that the worst has happened, and you have suffered a data loss – STOP! You must take no action other than call in a specialist. Anything that you do from that point on may make the situation worse or recovery data unlikely. At WABSYS we have specialist software and recovery techniques to give your information the best possible chance of recovery and if it is a mechanical failure, we work with some of the best in this field.We determine the faults on the device that caused the problem. If it’s a physical problem we make repairs, ensuring that data remains safe throughout the recovery process.Our specialist data testing software generates a complete report of the recovered device, including a complete list of recovered data.Your restored data is copied back to a new storagr device. We will work with you to ensure that all the necessary backups are in place and monitored to prevent this from happening again.


Wakefield, United Kingdom

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