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We believe that everyone should be free to explore their world and all the possibilities that it holds. That's why we're continuously striving to transform the very nature of movement – and lending our support to those who share our vision and values. Because when you're free to move, anything is possible. Even the impossible.


Our Community in Canada
Helping people achieve their impossible in all walks of life is a big part of our mission. These stories highlight some of the ways we are elevating the ability for everyone to move freely.


Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050
In 2011, we launched our Environmental Challenge 2050 – striving to reduce the environmental burden attributed to vehicles to as close to zero as possible, while developing measures that contribute positively to the earth and its societies.


Better Designs. Better Vehicles.
From exhilarating design and revolutionary manufacturing processes, to innovations in safety and connectivity, we’re building ever-better cars that make our roads safer, and help you make the most of every journey.



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